In addition to the standard civil ceremony, any of the following can be added successfully if the couple wishes:

Wedding Ceremonies
Civil Wedding Ceremony Click here to see a suggested Civil Wedding Ceremony.
The Unity Candle Addition Two separate tapered candles and one Unity candle are lit, symbolizing the uniting of two families and two lives into one.
The Rose Addition Couples may incorporate two single red roses into their ceremony, symbolizing their future life together.
Alternate Ring Addition Rings are the symbol of an unbroken circle of love – the couple may choose the Alternate Ring wording, to replace the standard wording.
The Memorial Candle Addition The remembrance of departed family members through a special memorial candle lighting ceremony.
Binding of the Hands Addition The couple’s hands are symbolically "bound" together by a silk scarf or a rope of flowers to signify the commitment being made by the couple.
The Sand Addition Different coloured sand grains are poured into a central glass vase, by the couple, or by the couple and various individual members of their families, to symbolize the joining of the two families and two lives into one.
Renewal of Vows The Renewal of Vows is a non-legal ceremony to renew marriage vows at various anniversaries – 5 years, 10, years, 20 years, 30 years and so on. Other occasions can also be marked by the Renewal of Vows ceremony. There are no licence or witness requirements for a Renewal of Vows ceremony.
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